Adonia Medical Clinic

The Brief

Full interior design service to the reception area for this well-known medical clinic in central London. The clinic had gained a great name and clientele in the last few years. The client wanted to upgrade the reception area to match the wonderful services they offer to their selected clientele.


Planning Process

We specialize in high-end residential interiors. Planning a commercial project was no different from our usual planning stage for a home design. We did have a few more rules and regulations to observe but once we were fully briefed on those it was very similar to a residential project. The skills required for both types of projects are essentially the same.


How It Went

We have worked with this client in her private home previously so we knew each other well. Our clients are always well informed about how the service work and what to expect at each stage of the design process. However, having worked together before meant there was a built-in trust that always help to move the design stages faster.


Issues / Problems Overcome During The Project

We had just under two months to develop a design and implement it. The objective was to have it completed on time for a Vogue Magazine shoot at the clinic. We did achieve our objective and also managed to co-ordinate the work whilst the clinic was still open


Client Testimonial

There is no better testimonial for an interior designer than a client returning to use their Interior Design Services a second time around for another property to use their Interior Design Services a second time around for another property.