Odd shapes and spaces – how to create interiors around them

Odd shapes and spaces – how to create interiors around them

At Tailored Living we think that some of the best design ideas arise from awkward spaces. When you are faced with an odd-shaped space it requires time and consideration on how its best tackled. When incorporated successfully into an interior scheme it allows the space to become seamless, the flow of the room won’t be interrupted by any awkward areas.

A prime example of this can be seen in our Granary Square, Kings Cross project. The living room shape was dominated by a diagonal window that didn’t work well with regular square furniture. The living area felt blocked off from the rest of the open space, to combat this we selected curved furniture creating a circular focal point. The space opened up and immediately became more inviting. Opposite stands a bespoke cabinet, created to run along the majority of the wall, this has been cleverly designed to effortlessly combine with the staircase leading to the dining area.

In our Farnham project, we were faced with an unusually positioned skylight in one of the bedrooms, rather than just going for a standard Velux roller blind (where there is a lack in choice of colours) we decided to create a unique window dressing treatment. The room had a sloped ceiling so making the curtains in line with the height of the wall enabled us to create luxurious curtains to compliment a reading area situated in front.

The show home unit in our Filmer Mews project is situated in a corner and the architecture followers the narrower corner inside the building presenting TL with another awkward shape to plan a layout for. Instead of fighting against this in the kitchen we made a feature out of the corner by creating a bespoke island that follows the shape of the room. By using bespoke furniture, you are sure to create a luxurious interior that enhances quirky pockets of space rather than highlighting them.

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