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The Importance Of Neutrals

The importance of neutrals

Accent colours usually take centre stage when it comes to colour schemes. Whether a rich Navy or sumptuous purple, these pockets of colour certainly steal the show. But, the base of any good colour scheme is the neutrals, these act as the foundations of the scheme.
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Odd Shapes And Spaces – How To Create Interiors Around Them

Odd shapes and spaces – how to create interiors around them

At Tailored Living we think that some of the best design ideas arise from awkward spaces. When you are faced with an odd-shaped space it requires time and consideration on how its best tackled. When incorporated successfully into an interior scheme it allows the space to become seamless, the flow of the room won’t be interrupted by any awkward areas.
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Styling A Bedside Table

Styling a bedside table

Struggling to find the perfect styling accessories to complete your bedroom design? Take a read below to discover Tailored Living’s top 3 tips to curating the perfectly styled table that remains a practical bedside space.
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