The importance of neutrals

The importance of neutrals

Accent colours usually take centre stage when it comes to colour schemes. Whether a rich Navy or sumptuous purple, these pockets of colour certainly steal the show. But, the base of any good colour scheme is the neutrals, these act as the foundations of the scheme.

Why are the neutrals so important? You want to be able to have a harmonious neutral base to which accent colours can start to be built upon. For this, it all lies in the undertone, does the neutral lends itself to greens or reds more? Is it a ‘warm’ or ‘cold’ Neutral?

It all comes down to the science behind complementary colours, following these principles you will be able to create a well-balanced colour scheme.

When choosing a colour scheme at TL we start by selecting all our neutral fabrics, then we build upon this foundation with our accent colours, see how a completed colours scheme from the purple bedroom in our Farnham project to see a harmonious space with pockets of colour.